Artist Retreat.

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The Contemporary's Inaugural Artist Retreat will took place at the Pearlstone Center from Thursday, August 4th to Sunday, August 7th, 2016. The Contemporary convened 50 Baltimore artists and 25 national arts consultants including critics, curators, gallerists, and collectors, for three days of intensive professional development, community building, and networking. The retreat was free for all selected artists and includes transportation to and from the center, lodging, and all meals.

  • Keynote: by Ruby Lerner, Founder of Creative Capital
  • Lecture: Heather Hart, The Black Lunch Table
  • Lecture: Sean J Patrick Carney, Bruce High Quality Foundation

Panel: Project Grants: From the Rubys to Creative Capital

Lisa Dent (Creative Capital), Sonja Cendak (Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance)
Moderated by Deana Haggag

Panel: Galleries, Collectors, and Sales

Heather Bhandari (The Artist Project/LA + ART/WORK + Mixed Greens), Jackie Milad (The Delaware Contemporary), and Suzanne Seesman (Vox Populi + Nicola Midnight St. Claire); moderated by Joyce Yu-Jean Lee (The Contemporary)

Panel: Residences

George Scheer (Elsewhere), James McAnally (The Luminary + Temporary Art Review), and Shervone Neckles-Ortiz (Joan Mitchell Foundation); moderated by Lu Zhang (The Contemporary)

Panel: Financial Literacy: Budgeting and Taxes

Cara Ober (BmoreArt) and Jessica Lanzillotti (Everyman Theatre + The Contemporary)

Panel: Civics and the City

Jess Solomon (Art in Praxis + Bromo Arts District)

Workshop: Artists and Parenting

facilitated by Elissa Blount Moorhead (TNEG Films + The Contemporary)

Workshop: MFA?

Lu Zhang (The Contemporary)

Workshop: Real Estate: Buying and Renting

Priya Bhayana (Independent Cultural Organizer) and Ginevra Shay (The Contemporary)

Workshop: Talking About Your Work

Leslie Shepard (LS Consulting + Air.C) and Liz Lerman (Arizona State University)

Round Table Discussion: National Arts Organizing Network

Common Field Founder, Courtney Fink

  • Artist Presentations from 50 Baltimore artists
  • Artist and Consultant One-on-One Conversations
  • Bonfire with S'mores
  • Dance Party

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Download the Program from 2016 Artist Retreat

Attending Artists:

  • Adam Holofcener
  • Alice Valenti
  • Antonio McAfee
  • Audrey Gair
  • Chanet Wallace
  • Christina Haines
  • Christina McCleary
  • Colette Veasey-Cullors
  • Curtis Miller
  • D Watkins
  • Dave Eassa
  • Dirk Joseph
  • Erin Fostel
  • Hasani Claxton
  • Hoesy Corona
  • Jenné Afiya Matthews
  • Jerrell Gibbs
  • Joyce J. Scott
  • Khadija Adell
  • Kimi Hanauer
  • Kyle Tata
  • L. E. Doughtie
  • Liz Donadio
  • Laure Drogoul
  • Lauren Frances Adams
  • Leyla Rzayeva
  • Lisa Dillin
  • Magali Hebert-Huot
  • Malcolm Peacock
  • Margaret Rorison
  • Margo Elsayd
  • Marian April Glebes
  • Markele Cullins
  • Mary Anne Arntzen
  • Megan Lewis
  • Morgan Dowty
  • Nick Peelor
  • Phaan Howng
  • Saida Agostini
  • Sidney Hall
  • Stephen Towns
  • Stewart Watson
  • Sydney Spann
  • Tanya Garcia
  • Theresa Chromati
  • Tiffany Jones
  • Travis Levasseur
  • Ursula W Populoh
  • Victor FM Torres
  • Zoë Charlton