Grit Fund.

Budget Form

Download the budget form as an Excel, Numbers, or PDF file. We strongly recommend using the Excel or Numbers formats as they will do the math for you. You will need to total the numbers yourself if you use the PDF option. Save the completed budget as a PDF using this format: LeadOrganizer_Budget.pdf. Upload the completed budget form to the online application.

Excel Budget Form Numbers Budget Form PDF Budget Form

Please review sample budget for reference, and remember the following tips when completing your own:

  1. Your budget should include all projected expenses and any anticipated income (such as other grants, ticket or merchandise sales, etc).
  2. List any in-kind contributions, including donated materials, equipment, venue, and/or volunteered time.
  3. Make sure your expenses and income balance—total expenses must equal total income.
  4. Be realistic and specific—research costs to avoid overstating or underestimating expenses.
  5. We know budgets can be scary. SHOW NO FEAR! YOU CAN DO IT!

Attend our Budget Workshop or contact us with questions if you need help.